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It is the exclusive licensor of use and exploitation of know-how in the Molecular Nutrition field, produced in the Laboratories of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

Its main areas of expertise are:

training courses for dietitians in the field of Nutrigenomics

genetic research and

marketing of diagnostic genetic tests in the following areas:

Personalized Nutrition

Child Control



Beauty and

Prognosis of health diseases


It offers a comprehensive range of genetic tests aimed at the early prognosis and treatment of health disorders. Based on the latest published scientific data, as well as analyses made on Greek population samples, it is the only genetic testing company that adapts information from the Greek population.

Guided by safety in the transfer of information to the community in an industry that will be one of the most important forecasting tools. Genome Analysis respects and ensures both protection of personal data and reliability of results, aiming to provide the highest quality services covering the whole spectrum of genetic/molecular science.